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April 18, 2016

World Smart City community: Join the discussion today!

By Gabriela Ehrlich

Cities today consume an estimated 70% of all energy produced globally while generating 70% of world GDP.

By 2050, 66% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas.

Such figures highlight the pressing need to for cities to substantially increase the efficiency in which they operate and use their resources.

The good news is that information and communication technologies (ICTs) now allow us to do just that. But building a Smart City is highly complex. Harmonized technical standards are required for a cohesive relationship between cities’ ICT systems, electronic and electrical hardware, and systems for social and environmental governance.

The cooperation of ITU, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in international standards development will build reliable links between governance frameworks and water, power and transportation systems, with ICTs offering vital assistance in streamlining critical urban functions that improve lives in a sustainable way.

 This is why the IEC joined forces with the ISO and ITU to launch the World Smart City community and Forum.

Identifying pain points – accelerating progress

The new online community WorldSmartCity.org is an extended leadership network that will engage city stakeholders worldwide.

WorldSmartCity.org is hosting and organizing a range of in-depth discussions that will help city leaders and other key stakeholders identify the important “pain points” that hinder smart city development in several areas, including mobility, water, energy, cybersecurity, and privacy.

Community members can create new forums as required.

Join the discussion today!

WorldSmartCity.org is also organizing monthly live discussions with and for city leaders.

Two Google-hangouts have already taken place in February and March discussing issues such as pain points for urban mobility and data privacy in Smart Cities.

Don’t miss today’s discussion on how to advance sustainable cities through technology and data interventions. Hangouts can be followed real-time also via Twitter, using the Forum’s hashtag #WorldSmartCity2016.

Looking forward to Singapore!

WorldSmartCity.org community members are helping shape the final programme of the first World Smart City Forum, which will take place on 13 July in Singapore.

The Forum will explore how interconnection can be accomplished and point to some of the tools that are already available to help cities reach their objective faster, more efficiently and with better outcomes.

This special event is co-located with the World Cities Summit and Singapore International Water Week.

If you would like to participate live in the World Smart City Forum in Singapore, you can watch the live-stream, and contribute and ask questions through the community. More information is available at www.worldsmartcity.org.

With an international background in communication, Gabriela Ehrlich (@gabrielaehrlich) serves as Global Head of Communications for the IEC. An important part of her function is to explain to non-technical audiences how IEC technical work in standardization and testing and certification provides an essential foundation for addressing global challenges. Those include for example universal energy access, smarter, more sustainable cities, global trade and more.  
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World Smart City community: Join the discussion today!

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