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March 6, 2019

Women spurring innovations in Radiocommunications

By ITU News

An ITU-led initiative to support women in the field of Radiocommunications is making strides to encourage innovators and leaders in the sector.

The Network of Women for the World Radiocommunications Conference 2019 (NOW4WRC19) is a community of men and women engaged in — via networking and mentoring– learning from each other, and supporting women who are new to the process to prepare for the upcoming WRC in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt in October 2019.

For International Women’s Day, the Network is launching a series of interviews with leading women and men in Radiocommunications, to give insights, to tell their stories and to show why more women should join this exciting field.

In this series you will hear from leading figures in Radiocommunications, including the only woman to have chaired a World Radiocommunication Conference, Dr. Veena Rawat: “The Network of Women is, from my perspective, a great initiative because… the network provides women the opportunity to understand and learn from their mentors.”

Alexander Kuhn, Vice-Chairman, ITU Conference Preparatory Meeting for WRC: “For men, it’s equally important. Because you have new colleagues, and new perspectives, and you can get new insights also from a different angle, and therefore you can… understand if we need different language to be taken or a different approach to WRC and its solutions.”

Jennifer Manner, Senior Vice-President of Regulatory Affairs, Echostar Corporation: “…One of the really beautiful things about the ITU is that we’re cross-cultural and bringing in the diversity of women. And bringing more and more women will only add to innovation in the industry.”

NOW4WRC will publish new interviews with leading women and men in Radiocommunications in the coming months leading up to the WRC. So be sure to check back to meet more exciting figures in the field of Radiocommunicaitons.

Network of Women (NOW) for the World Radio Communication Conference #NOW4WRC19

Network of Women – Who Are We?

The Network of Women started in 2015, inspired by the We Lead initiative network, to improve the number of women participating in leading roles, such as committee chairs and conference chairs, in the technical conferences of ITU’s Radiocommunication Sector.

It aims to provide role models for women who are new to the sector. It opens up exchange of information between new and experienced delegates, which is critical in the technical sphere of telecommunications. It provides advice and support from women who have successfully climbed the ladder into positions of management. And it offers a neutral platform for men and women to take part in making the technical field of radiocommunications a more gender balanced and more diverse arena for future innovations.

View the NOW4WRC19 website for more information.

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Women spurring innovations in Radiocommunications

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