January 18, 2018

Need a wall-outlet connector for FTTH installation? There’s an ITU standard for that

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In 2018 the first joy of a new Fibre to the Home (FTTH) connection will come from a customer’s interaction with a happy technician, thanks to a new ITU standard known as ITU-T L.404.

Customers will see ITU-T L.404 in action at the wall outlet of their FTTH connection. ITU-T L.404 enables these connections to be made fast and with great flexibility, meeting technicians’ needs in a wide variety of installation scenarios.

ITU-T L.404 specifies the design of a ‘field-mountable single-mode fibre connector’, building on a design originally intended to support quick repairs and temporary connections. The time-tested connector has existed for decades but has found new relevance in the past ten years as a result of its value to the installation of FTTH connections.

Download ITU-T L.404 free of charge to find the specifications of these connectors; their optical, mechanical and environmental characteristics; relevant test methods; and authoritative guidance on their operation and the technologies used to manufacture them.

Working Party 2/15: Building networks from the ground up

Global demand for optical fibre has increased roughly 500 per cent over the past decade, with some 500 million kilometres of fibre now produced each year.

ITU standards detail how these fibres are constructed, cabled and installed. They specify how networks are designed, planned and maintained. They ensure optical infrastructure’s security, reliability and resilience to the forces of nature. These standards show industry how networks should be built, from the ground up.

The physical make-up of optical infrastructure is defined by Working Party 2 of ITU’s standardization expert group for ‘transport, access and home’, ITU-T Study Group 15.

Working Party 2/15 guides investment decisions of gargantuan proportions.

Operators spend tens of billions of dollars on optical infrastructure each year. Alterations to the standards developed by Working Party 2 alter the course of a multibillion-dollar industry.

One of these standards is ITU-T G.652, a standard which regularly tops the rankings of the most-downloaded ITU standards each year.

Now in its ninth edition, ITU-T G.652 was released in 1984 as the first standard for single-mode optical fibres, the type of fibres able to be connected using the new ITU-T L.404 connector. ITU-T G.652 fibres were the first to be deployed in public networks and still account for the vast majority of fibres installed worldwide.

ITU-T Study Group 15 will meet at ITU Headquarters in Geneva, 29 January to 9 February 2018, preceded by a joint workshop with IEEE 802 on 27 January.

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Need a wall-outlet connector for FTTH installation? There’s an ITU standard for that

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