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September 27, 2017

How a Japanese startup uses smart tech to improve prenatal care (VIDEO)

By ITU News

Tomomi Takagi, CFO of Melody International, spoke at ITU Telecom World in Busan, Korea, about his startup that is using smart technology to improve lives.

Telemedicine company Melody International develops prenatal devices and telemedicine platforms for pregnant women worldwide. Their mobile cardiotocograph (CTG) consists of a monitor that checks a fetus’ heart rate and the mother’s contractions and then transmits data to doctors to allow them to remotely check a baby’s condition.

In many developing countries where there are few or no obstetricians, this device allows pregnant women to avoid long distance travel to see a doctor, and trials have already been conducted in Thailand in partnership with Chiang Mai University in the rural northern areas where there are few obstetricians.

Watch the video here to learn more:

The benefits are also relevant for developed countries where the number of obstetricians may be decreasing and the trend of late childbearing adds health risks.

“There are many areas, even in a crowded country, like Japan, where there are very few obstetricians available. So sometimes, pregnant women have to drive over an hour to see a doctor and it may become a very big burden for her.” – Tomomi Takagi

The small and light device allows pregnant women to check their fetus’ condition at any time, and the data transmission function allows communication of data to monitors, laptops, smartphones.

Mr. Takagi said that Melody is looking for local partners, particularly in developing countries in Asia, where the solutions can make a real difference.

ITU Telecom World is “a great opportunity for us to take our ideas and innovations to the global market,” said Mr. Takagi. “This is a fairly unique event for bringing together such a wide selection of countries.”

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How a Japanese startup uses smart tech to improve prenatal care (VIDEO)

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