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June 13, 2017

Setting the priorities for ITU’s strategy beyond 2020

By Mario R. Canazza

At the 2017 ITU Council in May, I had the pleasure of being nominated to chair the Council Working Group for Strategic and Financial Plans (CWG-SFP), which will undertake the exciting but challenging task of drafting the strategy for ITU beyond the year 2020.

The CWG-SFP hopes to establish a truly multi-stakeholder vision for the future direction of ITU, ensuring that the global communications infrastructure runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and enabling every person on the planet to access and enjoy the benefits of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

In order to achieve this, it is essential for our group to be open, transparent and inclusive, ensuring that we gather and consider the views of all stakeholders throughout the process.

To this end, the CWG-SFP will conduct three open and public consultations on the strategic priorities for ITU for 2020-2023. The public consultations are great opportunities for all voices to be heard and engage in shaping ITU’s agenda for the future. The first public consultation is up and everyone is invited to provide inputs via the ITU’s interactive platform ( or via e-mail to The 2nd and 3rd public consultations will be launched after the 2nd and 3rd meetings of CWG-SFP, which will take place respectively on 11-12 September 2017 and 15-16 January 2018.

All three sectors of ITU are working to make a difference – through spectrum allocation and satellite coordination; through the development of new standards; and through policy development, statistical frameworks and the delivery of technical assistance to countries. ITU’s mission to promote and foster affordable and universal access to ICTs, and bring the benefits of ICTs to social, economic and environmentally sustainable development, is now more relevant than ever.

It is up to us to guide the organization in meeting our priorities over the coming years, and deliver the most value. This will set the basis for the realization of ITU’s mandate – and the fulfillment of our expectations therein.

Your views will help us better anticipate the key trends in ICTs and how they can affect everyone’s daily lives, and how ITU can maximize its contribution to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. But they will also help the organization identify how it could improve its work, where it should direct its efforts, and which are the challenges that it should be prepared to meet in the future.

As Chair of the Council Working Group on the Strategic and Financial plans for 2020-2023, I look forward to receiving all opinions and ideas. We are committed to an open and transparent process, and I can ensure that your contributions will be thoroughly discussed and considered in our plenary meetings in Geneva.

I strongly encourage you to share your views via the online platform at or submit your contributions directly by email to by July 7, 2017.

Mario R. Canazza
Mr Canazza is a Senior Officer of International Affairs at the National Telecommunications Agency of Brazil (ANATEL) and the Chair of the ITU Council Working Group for the Strategic and Financial Plans for 2020-2023 (CWG-SFP).
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Setting the priorities for ITU’s strategy beyond 2020

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