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July 8, 2016

Opening the doors to SME success at #ITUWorld

By Xin Liu

A small Japanese business focused on producing an innovative, very niche product; a large established logistics firm with national reach and a long tradition, also based in Japan; and an international ICT event in Budapest, Hungary. These are the ingredients for a success story that embodies the spirit of the ITU Telecom World Awards.

What is ITU Telecom World?

ITU Telecom World 2015, represented a strategic shift in direction for ITU Telecom events, focusing on supporting and fostering the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and innovators in the ICT sector as key players in the industry – and key drivers of the economic growth and social development worldwide.

Flexible, adaptable, scalable and responsive, SMEs are a fundamental source of new jobs in the knowledge economy. Small, micro and local businesses are critical to ensuring economic growth that is sustainable and inclusive in both developed and emerging markets.  But they also face a number of specific, ongoing challenges, from access to funding to the urgent need for human capacity building, from regulatory barriers to lack of business skills.

Drawing on the expertise, experience and connections of ITU, and on forty years as a major networking event for public and private sectors in the ICT industry from all corners of the globe, ITU Telecom World is ideally positioned to bring SMEs to the table as important new stakeholders in the ICT ecosystem.

ITU Telecom World Awards: success stories

And beyond just being present at a leading international tech event, with all the access to networking, knowledge-exchange and visibility that offers, SMEs can also benefit from taking part in the ITU Telecom World Awards. Introduced for the first time at the 2015 event, the Awards aim to recognize and reward the best in innovative ICT solutions with social impact – celebrating the critical role of creative ICT-based applications and initiatives in improving lives all around the world. It is a platform to highlight best practices and share ideas on innovative socio-economic development, to network, mobilize investment and create new business opportunities.

As part of the Japanese pavilion at ITU Telecom World 2015, Japan Battery Regeneration won a Recognition of Excellence within the ITU Telecom World Awards programme. Japan Battery Regeneration’s technology to regenerate lead-acid batteries simultaneously increases the availability of low-cost power (in particular in off-grid regions of developing countries) and contributes to global environmental protection by reducing waste and making the best use of limited natural resources..

As a direct result of the increased credibility and greater visibility offered by ITU endorsement, Japan Battery Regeneration was able to close a significant deal with Nittsu Shoji (part of the global transportation company Nippon Express), accelerating its progress in both domestic and international business.

In the words of the General Manager, Hiroshi Tominaga, “Winning the Award brought our company greatly increased reputation and credit – we got “treasure” from ITU in terms of its contribution to our future business growth. We have experienced excellent impact on our ongoing business discussions. We have expanded our world by taking part in ITU Telecom World!”

This is exactly what the ITU Telecom World Awards are about. Open to all event participants, whether exhibiting, sponsoring or renting a meeting room, the Awards provide a global launch pad for good ideas – from corporates and well -established ICT companies as well as SMEs.  Japan Battery Regeneration was not the only big winner from last year’s awards, and there will be many more to come.

I look forward very much to meeting the 2016 Award candidates later this year!

Xin Liu
Xin Liu has been Acting Executive Manager of ITU Telecom since April 2015. Prior to this he was the Strategic Business Operations Officer at ITU Telecom and led the Revenue Generation Management Team from 2012. Before joining ITU Telecom in 2010, he was responsible for planning, organizing, promoting and selling PT/EXPO COMM China, one of the largest ICT events in Asia, at China International Postal and Telecommunications Exhibition & AD Co., where he was recognized as the Outstanding General Manager for five consecutive years from 2005 to 2009. Mr Liu holds a BA and an MBA from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.
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Opening the doors to SME success at #ITUWorld

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