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June 8, 2017

Next steps for AI? IBM Watson’s Francesca Rossi highlights cooperation, regulation (VIDEO)

By ITU News

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has tremendous power for social good, but different stakeholders in industry, government and academia will need to work together to make it happen, said Francesca Rossi, a research scientist for IBM Watson at this week’s AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva, Switzerland.

During an interview, she spoke of the great potential such collaboration has to deliver concrete next steps for the beneficial use of AI.

What are those next steps?

“Well, there many be many,” said Ms Rossi. “Of course, there have been already some initiatives that have spelled out some principles for beneficial development of AI. One way would be to think about best practices — or educational efforts in order to educate policymakers, governments about the benefits of AI, and AI ethics, and the implementation of AI, so that regulations also can come at the right time with the right strength — not too little, not too much.”

Ms. Rossi spoke of the importance of networking among all the stakeholders, and gave an example IBM’s efforts to bring together corporate and non-corporate entities

“This initiative [the AI for Good Global Summit] … is really instrumental in bringing the sustainability goals into the picture.”

For more insight from Rossi, watch the full interview below.

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Next steps for AI? IBM Watson's Francesca Rossi highlights cooperation, regulation (VIDEO)

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