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November 3, 2017

New ITU standard to support customized e-learning in future networks

By ITU News

Online learning is unlocking the potential of students across the world thanks to customized programs that help them learn in the style that comes most naturally.

And a new ITU standard aims to help millions of learners worldwide take control of their learning experience and play to their unique strengths.

The new standard, ITU Y.2241, details a web service framework to support ‘ubiquitous self-directed learning’ in future networks. It supports adaptive learning methodologies attentive to the behaviour of the learner, providing for e-learning service features such as self-guided reading, participation in study groups, internships, electronic dialogues and reflective writing activities.

ITU Y.2241 supports ubiquitous access to educational web objects such as text or audiovisual materials. The standard describes the virtualization of these materials necessary to give them an identity independent of underlying hardware. It also highlights means to guarantee their persistence, ensuring that learners’ ability to locate and access materials is not affected by differences in technology generations.

Learn more about the concept of ubiquitous self-directed learning and its required content object model, functional capabilities and demands with respect to security and trust – download the standard free of charge.

ITU Y.2241 was developed by ITU’s standardization expert group for future networks, ITU-T Study Group 13. The group will meet next week at ITU Headquarters in Geneva, 6-17 November 2017.

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New ITU standard to support customized e-learning in future networks

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