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November 23, 2018

ITU’s regional initiatives: Focusing on ICT growth in the Americas

By ITU News

The growth of information and communication technologies (ICTs) is unevenly concentrated in the different sub-regions of the Americas and more work needs to be done to bring ICT infrastructure to the less-connected areas. That’s according to Bruno Ramos, the Regional Director of ITU’s Regional Office for the Americas, during an interview at the recent ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2018.

“In [the] Americas we have very different regions. We have sub-regions that [are] very developed and other parts of the region that are not…. So [we are] trying to get support and also capacity to increase the infrastructure,” says Mr Ramos.

“So, here’s what we, from the ITU, are doing to support the countries: First, trying to help them to develop new legal frameworks that will support … investments in the infrastructure. So this is a very important part. The second one is … to help them in the capacity-building aspects,” explained Ramos.

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The Americas region is very active in the work of ITU. As Ramos explained, “the Americas sent 54 contributions to the Plenipotentiary Conference. So it shows that [the Americas region] is very focused and puts ITU in the highest priority.”

He described the work happening in the Americas and how delegates and participants can get involved in ITU events.

“So for 2019, just to give you some examples, we are trying to provide in the Americas a new pilot model [for events]… So we are going to concentrate our activities on [three main events]: In April, on the innovation [of] new technologies…. In August, we’ll have a week on regulatory aspects and also on economics, so thinking about spectrum management, etc. And in November it’s a big event on digital inclusion,” he said.

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ITU's regional initiatives: Focusing on ICT growth in the Americas

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