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September 2, 2013

ITU’s Public Consultation on 2016-2019 Strategy

By Mario R. Canazza

As the Chairman of the ITU Council Working Group for the Elaboration of the draft Strategic Plan and draft Financial Plan of the Union for 2016-2019, it is with great pleasure that I welcome ITU Secretary General’s public consultation on the 2016-2019 ITU Strategy.

Our Council Working Group is mandated to develop drafts of the Strategic and Financial Plans. Towards successfully fulfilling our mission, it is of significant importance to consider everyone’s opinions, ideas and proposals on where the ITU should prioritize its efforts in the post-2015 era.

This public consultation is a great opportunity for all voices to be heard. We strongly believe in the engagement of all stakeholders, and this public consultation is a good approach to foster and leverage this engagement. By conducting a public consultation on its Strategic Plan, the ITU demonstrates openness, transparency and inclusiveness in its planning processes. I therefore strongly encourage all stakeholders to seize this opportunity to shape ITU’s agenda for the future and provide your inputs via the ITU’s interactive platform (www.itu.int/PublicConsultations) or via e-mail to strategy@itu.int.

The information and communication technologies environment is rapidly growing and changing. More and more people are getting connected, high speed mobile-broadband services are available in more and more countries, more and more new mobile-web services and applications are being introduced. On a daily basis we benefit from the ICT services and applications and we all identify ICT’s to be a key component for social and economic development.

Unfortunately though, not all citizens of the world enjoy these benefits. The vast majority of people in the developing world are still excluded from the information society. Furthermore, rapid development of ICTs uncovers important challenges, even in the developed world, including concerns related to privacy, protection of children when they are online, resilience of critical infrastructures that increasingly rely on ICT networks and services, e-waste… We need to mitigate any risks that appear in the use of ICTs and at the same time seize the opportunity to ensure their maximum contribution to our social and economic development. It is the only way to experience a truly interconnected world where ICTs play their key enabling role for the sustainable development of our societies.

The ITU’s strategy for 2016-2019 must take into consideration all these opportunities and challenges. ITU’s priorities and strategies should leverage this rapidly changing environment. This public consultation is a great opportunity for all of us to provide our views, ideas and proposals. This will enable us to better understand how ICTs are affecting our daily lives and how the ITU can help improve them in the future. It will also help ITU identify areas and opportunities for improvement, goals it should accomplish, and challenges it will have to overcome to successfully fulfill its mission.

As Chairman of the ITU Council Working Group on the Strategic and Financial Plan, I look forward to all opinions and ideas from all stakeholders and will ensure that that they are heard and considered in the discussions at the Working Group. I strongly encourage you once again to share your views via ITU’s interactive platform at www.itu.int/PublicConsultations or submit your written contributions by email to strategy@int.itu by September 6 2013.


Mario R. Canazza is Adviser of International Affairs at the National Telecommunications Agency of Brazil (ANATEL) and also the Chairman of the ITU Council Working Group for the Elaboration of the draft Strategic Plan and draft Financial Plan of the Union for 2016-2019.
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