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November 17, 2016

How can regulation spur growth in the IoT era? Nokia’s Marc Vancoppenolle explains at #ITUWorld (VIDEO)

By ITU News:

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings great potential to improve lives globally – from smarter cities to better farming to improved healthcare.
It also brings a range of challenges for the information and communication technology (ICT) industry, which is rapidly converging with other industry verticals – such as health, transportation and energy – at an unprecedented rate.

But the challenges of this industry convergence aren’t just on the technical or business side. Some of the greatest challenges are on the policy and regulatory side – and that has been a hot topic at the ITU Telecom World event here in Bangkok, Thailand.

Marc Vancoppenolle, the Global Head of Nokia Government Relations, stopped in our ITU Telecom World studio to discuss how regulation could drive ICT growth.

“We need to avoid having connectivity deserts, and as such, it’s important that policy and regulation is driving connectivity – making sure that we have incentives for the right investments, making sure that we have lower cost of deployment, that we have spectrum,” said Mr. Vancoppenolle. “To drive the Internet of Things … you need a couple of policies there as well, which are important. You’ve got to have standardization, which is key to the interoperability between all these things. You need data-friendly regulations for ensuring that we find the right balance between privacy … and very important new business models upon which all these data flows are relying.”

He also remarked on the importance of collaborating across sectors.

“As we go into digitalization and the Internet of Things, we need to have a change of thinking,” he said. “We need to involve other regulators from other sectors, making sure that regulators in charge of health, in charge of transport, in charge of energy all get together with the regulator of the ICT industry … so that we can identify any current regulations that can hamper the development of that sector.”

He gave an example of the European Commission fostering dialogue between the automotive industry and the telecommunication industry on the subject of connected and automated driving.

Watch the video below to learn more.


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How can regulation spur growth in the IoT era? Nokia's Marc Vancoppenolle explains at #ITUWorld (VIDEO)

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