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November 11, 2019

Inviting research on the future of media: ITU Journal extends submission deadline

By ITU News

11 December 2019 is the new deadline for submissions to the next issue of the ITU Journal: ICT Discoveries. Themed ‘the future of video and immersive media’, the issue will share original research into the state of the art in multimedia as well as the new possibilities and associated challenges appearing on the horizon.

Video will account for over 80 per cent of all Internet traffic by 2020. The majority of this traffic will rely on Primetime Emmy-winning video compression standards developed in collaboration by IEC, ISO and ITU.

Advances in multimedia have changed our world, revolutionizing entertainment, connecting friends and families around the globe, enriching our communications experiences and enabling major improvements in medical care and education.

But what are the prospects for the future of video?

What are the new technologies and forms of media entering the fold? How will we store and analyze our vast and growing wealth of video? How will innovations in fields such as virtual and augmented reality, video gaming and holographic video deliver highly immersive new media experiences?

And what are the new risks to be considered?

Will our increasing dependence on new media affect our ability to discern reality from fiction? How will we verify digital integrity to counteract the threat of manipulated content? And how should we think about data governance and privacy in a world almost entirely mirrored by the digital sphere?

Researchers forming answers to these questions are invited to contribute to the next issue of the ITU Journal.

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Inviting research on the future of media: ITU Journal extends submission deadline

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