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April 21, 2016

How to create a new 5G mobile system in just four years

Expert Series video, 5G: Countdown to 2020, presents a round-up of the 5G future from industry leaders, including ITU’s Directors of Radiocommunications and Standardization.

Managing the critical IMT-2020 process
Evolving LTE work with a new 5G focus
Pre-standards trials already underway
The goal of the 5G Open Trial Specification Alliance

The route to 5G is not always clear, and there are many milestones to reach before commercial standardised networks appear in 2020. ITU’s IMT-2020 project calls for technology submissions for a new air interface that will deliver the improvements called for in 5G. Meanwhile, the 3GPP continues its evolution of the 4G LTE standard, whilst preparing to start work on 5G and a candidate technology for IMT-2020.

This process is due to take just four years – an incredibly tight timeframe given the amount of work involved. But the industry collaborators to the ITU and 3GPP work groups have experience of this standardisation process and are confident of achieving their objectives.

However, four years is too long for some vendors and operators, who want to get “pre-Standard” 5G technology out into the market before 2020. Various early trials have already been announced in Europe, Asia and North America.

At Mobile World Congress in February, a consortium of operators led by Korea’s SK Telecom formed the 5G Open Trial Specification Alliance, which plans to develop an aligned 5G trial specification that would serve as a common, extendable platform for different 5G trial activity around the world. SK Telecom told TelecomTV why it created the initiative and how it intends to use the results to help shape the ongoing 3GPP standards process.

The race is well and truly on. It’s now four years and counting…

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How to create a new 5G mobile system in just four years

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