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December 19, 2017

ITU and AICTO kick off programme to ‘bridge the standardization gap’ in the Arab region

ITU has recently signed a Memorandum of Arrangement (MoA) with the 
Arab Information and Communication Technology Organization (AICTO)
. The MoA strengthens the organizations’ commitment to further cooperation and collaboration, and will lend further impetus to the development of ITU-T’s ‘Bridging the Standardization Gap’ programme (BSG) in the Arab Region.

The MoA was signed on 11 December in Oman, during the First Arab-African Interregional Standardization Forum (ISF) for Bridging the Standardization Gap with a focus on public-key infrastructure for e-trust in the hyper-connected world.

The ISF is an open platform for debating and exchanging views on a number of information and communication technology (ICT) standardization topics and to highlight activities related to the BSG programme.

The ITU-AICTO signing ceremony launched an ambitious partnership to coordinate BSG activities at the regional level focusing on disseminating information and capacity-building, so as to strengthen technical expertise, and increase the participation of developing countries in the establishment and widespread use of telecommunication standards.

This partnership will also encourage regional players to take an active role in the activities of ITU-T regional groups and support regional organizations in setting up regional frameworks for the development of standardization activities.

AICTO’s Secretary General, Mohamed Ben Amor, noted the far-reaching impact of the MoA and its importance for the Arab region: “As the leading organization for ICT in the Arab world, AICTO is delighted to have partnered with the ITU to bridge the standardization gap (BSG) for ICTs. Our two organizations share this very important goal as BSG is vital to today’s fast-changing globalized digital landscape.”

Watch the highlights video of the BSG Inter-regional Standardization Forum and the signing of the ITU-AICTO MoA.

ITU’s Bridging the Standardization Gap (BSG) programme

One of ITU’s core strategic objectives is to assist its membership in drawing maximum possible value from their participation in ITU standardization.

The BSG programme is fundamental to ITU’s mission as an organization: ITU aims to bring cohesion to the innovation of the ICT community, providing an equitable basis for ICT development worldwide. In this context, the BSG programme raises awareness about existing standards, provides assistance in their implementation and facilitates the efficient participation of developing countries in ITU’s standards work.

In addition to organizing standardization Forums, seminars and workshops around the world, the ITU BSG programme works hand-in-hand with regional organizations and national standardization bodies to ensure that ITU’s standardization is inclusive of the needs of all regions.

The programme also offers hands-on effectiveness sessions that are tailored to standards experts from developing countries and provides fellowships to eligible members to ensure widest possible participation.

Events under the BSG programme are often held in conjunction with meetings of ITU’s standardization expert groups (ITU-T Study Groups) as well as Regional Groups within ITU-T Study Groups.

To learn more about the BSG programme or request BSG events or activities in your region, please contact

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ITU and AICTO kick off programme to 'bridge the standardization gap' in the Arab region

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