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June 8, 2017

AI for Good: XPRIZE CEO highlights exponential changes ahead (VIDEO)

By ITU News

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a progressive and contemporary means for solving grand problems facing the world today.

The exponential change in computing power is fueling more sophisticated AI and transforming the landscape of business, culture, politics.

“What we see in the next few years can very well represent what we’ve seen in the the last fifty years in terms of the progress of AI,” said Marcus Shingles, CEO of XPRIZE.

At the ITU and XPRIZE AI for Good Global Summit, Marcus Shingles sat down to discuss how AI can accelerate solutions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?

“It is particularly important for the United Nations to be having this discussion [at] the ITU, because this is a dialogue that people will use to understand exponential trends versus linear trends – AI being one of the significant forces as a result.” — Marcus Shingles

Watch the video below to learn more about breakthrough AI:

“The most exciting thing that makes it ‘not your father’s AI’ is the progress of deep learning and machine learning AI, which is the next generation of artificial intelligence, where computers are essentially being modeled off the brain and its neuro-networks, propagating a learning capacity – and that’s what deep learning does.”

As Shingles explains, traditional problem solvers are very linear in their methodology, whereas the world is exponential and requires agility and experimentation to problem-solving.

“You are only going to get critical mass of experimentation if you can get individuals to participate. If you can start to tap into 7-8 billion people on the planet to solve problems and the SDGs, statistically speaking you are going to find those needles in the haystack that can solve problems.”

Fortunately, AI is a democratized technology. Previously afforded only to governments and big businesses, AI’s increasing availability is a testament to the progress of the technology and will be applicable to solving problems, in particular the SDGs.

It is riding the computing power wave which is an exponential trend. AI will really take advantage of quantum computers and new types of computers that evolve beyond the integrated circuit that we have today, and that is all happening as a convergence of trends that are going to result in AI – when combined with robotics, biotechnology, 3D printing or cognitive analytics, AI becomes a truly transformational technology.

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AI for Good: XPRIZE CEO highlights exponential changes ahead (VIDEO)

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