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September 27, 2017

What does ‘smart digital transformation’ look like for Indonesia? Minister Rudiantara explains. (VIDEO)

By ITU News

‘Smart digital transformation’ is the theme of this year’s ITU Telecom World, and Indonesia’s Communication and Informatics Minister Rudiantara explains that for Indonesia, “smart digital transformation” means answering the question of how to maximize the use of digital technology to the benefit of all people, not just those in big cities.

For the 60% of Indonesian people who live in Java, information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure is more than adequate, and not an issue, said Mr. Rudiantara during an interview on the sidelines of ITU Telecom World.

Through technology, entrepreneurship is flourishing, said the Minister. More than 50% of Indonesia’s economy in GDP is comprised of micro, small and medium enterprises, and Java has been the beneficiary of big commerce marketplace platforms such as Tokopedia.

But for the rest of the 17,000 islands, it is also crucial to narrow the gap, which is why Indonesia is focusing on building the ICT infrastructure and has as its goal to connect all regions of Indonesia by broadband by 2019.

Watch the full video here:

As a country in the middle of the development spectrum, Indonesia has “to learn, what […] the advanced countries [are] doing, how to develop the digital technology, how they can maximize technology to the benefit of people,” said Rudiantara.

For Indonesia, this is one of the main objectives of attending ITU Telecom World, said Rudiantara, who offered to share Indonesia’s experiences.

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What does 'smart digital transformation' look like for Indonesia? Minister Rudiantara explains. (VIDEO)

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